The secrets to remembering your inner fire, moving out of resistance, and embracing flow

a 90 day journey of reclaiming your power

This is a journey first and foremost of grounding the nervous system.
It is only from here that we can move deeper...

Life can be tough. Distractions, information overload, and hard heavy emotions leave us feeling flat, confused, and let's face it, only half alive. There’s either not enough support, or we've disconnected from our ability to reach out.

We all have dreams, but over time it's easy to lose the drive to go for them. Or maybe the desire is still strong, but regardless of all the valiant attempts, you can't seem to land it.

Rather than a sense of ease, it's like dragging yourself through mud...messy and exhausting.

The good news is it doesn't need to be this way!

Your radiant inner fire holds the key to ease, progress, and joy. It's simply that you've been focusing your attention in the wrong area.

It's time for a little stoking, a lot of nurturing, and mammoth amounts of that you can finally set your world ablaze.

Unearth Your Fire is for you if you:

  • Struggle with emotional eating or overeating
  • Often find yourself sinking into negative thought patterns and powerlessness
  • Feel a sense of heaviness, inertia, or mild depression that you can't seem to shift, permanently
  • Regularly do the things you know don't support you, and have trouble sticking to the things that do
  • Have a big dream but feel stuck with moving forward (big dreams are highly motivational)

Now is the time to...

Feel a deeper connection to your true self, ground your nervous system, and uncover the formula for nourishing your unique body/mind, and igniting your spark.

Understand your imbalance, and have the tools to remedy it.

Spend more time right here, right now, in the presence of your own body, mind, and breath.

Release the heaviness and begin to move forward with more ease.

Rise out of bed each morning refreshed, and with a sense of trust and enthusiasm.

Integrate your practice into your day-to-day life.

Let's Do This

What's included:

  • Information, motivation, and action steps to bring in clarity and light as you release the fog and the density
  • Support materials and resources for each step of the journey
  • 9 private calls to create the container and hold the space for transformation
  • Personal email support

Plus your Bonus!

  • Access to the Elements of Food membership site

This immersive, supported program will guide you into more presence and self-connection, so you can make the necessary changes and live YOUR life, with more ease.

You'll understand this first on a mental level, then take it deep into your being and your life, connecting you with your abundant inner resources and igniting your spark.

This life-changing process will set you free (if you embrace it), and give you the power and the confidence to make joyful and aligned choices for yourself...

Today, Tomorrow and in 50 years.


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The key to a rhythmic day is cultivating inner awareness
and a state of moment to moment presence.