Seasonal Balance

A Twelve-Month Nutritional Plan

When we tune into the seasons and the rhythms that move through the twelve-month cycle, we find ourselves in the flow of the perfection that is nature. Read more about balancing through the seasons here.

Each of the seasons is governed by the doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). Rather than referring to the doshas however, let’s bring it back to the elements that underlie the doshas, as this is a more tangible way of understanding it.

Summer is governed by Pitta, the fire element...this makes sense. It’s dominated by the fire in the sky, and it’s hot.

Autumn and early winter are governed by Vata, the elements of air and space. We see this in the airy, light and dry nature of dehydration that occurs at the end of summer, when everything is parched from months of hot sun.

Winter and early spring are governed by Kapha, the elements of earth and water. We feel this after months of heavy, insulating food and cloudy, cold weather.

The transition between seasons requires particular attention. The shift in energy that occurs at these times, aggravates vatadosha. These transitions are marked by the solstices and equinoxes and are important times for mindfulness, grounding, reflection, and eating foods that are easy to digest.

It’s recommended to follow a vata-pacifying diet and lifestyle for around 7 days either side of these seasonal markers. In addition to this, take the time twice-yearly around the spring and autumn equinox, to undertake a gentle cleanse of 7 –10 days. A kitchari cleanse is ideal. Find the protocol and recipe here.

Moving to the rhythms of nature keeps us in tune with the cycles of life, and we recognise the benefits as we transition more smoothly from one season to the next and move through the complete cycle of the year with more ease, grace and vitality.

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