Remembering who we are is about coming home to ourselves. Finally finding what we have been seeking, and making the magical discovery that it’s all right there inside us…that we really are the answer to our prayers.

More than anything it’s a feeling…of safety and security; of being firmly rooted inside ourselves, and living life from that place. (It’s almost funny, isn’t it…where else could we be living from, right?!)

But this rooted firmly inside ourselves is a crucial point in a society that is full of external distractions and stimulation. To be rooted within means to have largely relinquished anything that takes us away from ourselves…our distractions. Otherwise, how are we to remember ourselves?!

If our attention is always externally focused, we will continue to play out the ‘conditioned’ version of ourselves, albeit unknowingly.

The distractions prevent us from remembering, from re-connecting with the core of our being.

Slowing down

This is where the ‘slow down’ movement comes from. Busy-ness keeps us locked in the matrix, unaware of the possibilities. 

Slowing down is just as much about the mind as it is about physical slowing down. Often it starts with the body, and then the mind naturally follows. When we slow down – both physically and mentally – we give ourselves the best opportunity of becoming aware of what is really going on…in our body, in our thoughts, in our lives, in our relationships (with all things, not just our human relationships). Then we get to start making conscious, aligned choices about what stays and what goes. 

And as we release and make space, we begin to remember.

It’s a process that requires and cultivates a laser-like focus and commitment. 

Above all else, it takes a courageous heart.