Your success as you travel the path towards a rhythmic day comes down to how well you master this…letting go.

When we relax deeply, our nervous system can rest, and then everything runs better from there. It’s true that digestion is the corner-stone of health, but behind a strong digestive system is a stable nervous system.

The journey of Ayurveda and aligning our diet and lifestyle with our unique, individual nature, is ultimately a process of letting go…of un-supportive food, lifestyle habits, (as well as beliefs and relationships) that have been keeping us stuck and holding us back.

But diet and lifestyle change is no small feat, and in our fast-paced societies, neither is deeply relaxing. They are both processes that take practice and time.

I know first hand how hard lifestyle change can be if we try to force it. I made it so much more difficult than it needed to be, because I felt I needed to fix something…me! 

It wasn’t until I began to let go (which essentially is about a deep sense of trust) that it all became a lot easier. And this is a lucky thing for you! Because that’s why I’m here…so you don’t have to struggle like I did. As it turns out, life was meant to be easy!

What I have discovered is that we can create a life of letting go, actually integrate it into our day. What I’m talking about here are daily practices. In Ayurveda they are called sadhanas…breath, movement, stillness, sound, and food. Ultimately it’s about becoming present throughout out day and living with intention.

When we draw on these sadhanas every day we are essentially decluttering our being; clearing away the conditioning that is keeping us on the treadmill, and making space for more of our truth to come through.  As we let go, the easier and more naturally we move into alignment with a diet and lifestyle that supports us. And as we begin to live the lifestyle that supports us, the easier is our letting go.

When we have a toolbox, we can approach our healing, our letting go, from different angles, depending on where we are at in any one moment. It gives us flexibility, and options, and it all contributes to a smoother and more graceful process.

And little by little, energy that was once tied up in holding on, is released, and some new shift happens or a realisation occurs and we are taken to a new level. And the beauty of it is that it’s all coming from within you!

I’m glad you’re here!