Deep healing happens over a lifetime, but each time you take a step in a direction away from the things that have contributed to a state of dis-ease, you open yourselves up to the promise of more healing, increased awareness, greater vitality, and more connection to your true nature. It’s a journey that only you are responsible for and I’m excited that you’re here, ready to take the next step.

We are born with the ability to self-heal, but we’ve lost touch with the wisdom. Self-healing naturally happens when we are deeply connected with our needs and desires in each moment. We have for the most part, forgotten how to do this.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands and reclaim that memory, and along with it, your power.

Make Gradual Change

The Ayurvedic framework shows us how to be in life in a way that honors and balances our own nature, moment to moment. It supports our unfolding and our expansion. When we are in connection with the things that support us, we have the power to become deeply nourished, experiencing free-flowing energy.

The framework is loosely divided into information and practices. The information helps the mind grasp it; the practices help to integrate it into your life and ground it in your body. It’s helpful to work with both approaches, being mindful not to get stuck in the informative, ‘mental’ aspect. This will only keep us away from the experience of truly knowing ourselves.

Integrating any new tools or practices should never be about pushing, forcing, or trying harder, or belittle ourselves for under-achieving – this approach has gotten us nowhere!

A good and gentle start is to consciously make the decision right now to allow some positive change into your life. Open to the possibility of receiving more health and healing in whatever area, and in whatever way that looks for you. Here’s the question…are you willing to open to more health and happiness? “Of course!” you might say. But you’d be surprised at the underlying beliefs about life and health that keep us down.

All positive action, no matter how small it may seem, is moving you towards a greater connection to your true self. Patience is the key but do take action each day in integrating a new habit.

Let Go

Two small words that mean so much…LET GO
There’s an aspect to healing (and thus a greater sense of vitality), that I like to give particular attention to, and that is developing our ability to relax deeply and let go. We are driven to control, fix, and figure it all out…this is the ego-self. And the ego is a required aspect of being human, but we don’t want to let it run the show. We want to shine the light on the ego and recognise how it works, and then integrate it – not eliminate it.

The underlying philosophy of Rhythmic Days is based around 4 key principles to cultivating a healing day and a flourishing life…Letting Go and Making Space is one of these keys.

On the path to deep healing, it really comes down to how well we master this.

Because as we let go, the easier and more naturally we move into alignment with our true nature and a diet and lifestyle that we are made for and that supports us.

The journey of Ayurveda and aligning our diet and lifestyle with our unique, individual nature, is ultimately a process of expanding awareness, opening to possibilities, and letting go of un-supportive food, lifestyle habits, and belief systems (our belief systems determine so much of how we live our lives, when they’re tucked away in the shadows) that have been keeping us stuck and holding us back. When we relax (ie. let go of our tensions and the need to control), we are better able to receive. When we relax, our nervous system can rest and then everything runs better from there, not only in our body but throughout our entire life…try it and see!

Holding on and attempting to control everything puts a lot of pressure on the nervous system…it never gets to truly rest. We need to be willing to move out of our comfort zone…see outside the box. It’s true that digestion is the corner-stone of health, but behind a strong digestive system is a stable nervous system. They work side by side and it’s hard to have one working well, without the other. Our fast-paced society does not naturally support a grounded nervous system, so we need to consciously nurture it.

But of course, letting go is a process. It’s a matter of building safety – of stabilizing the nervous system. And the first step is making the life-affirming decision that now is the time to take action and begin cultivating mindfulness and body-awareness.

I know first-hand how hard lifestyle change can be if we try to force it. It can make it so much more difficult than it needs to be. Coming from a place of needing to fix things, (or worst still, ourselves!) is a pretty heavy belief to be hauling around!

Trust in the Process

So, awareness is a great starting place, but awareness alone won’t get you where you want to be.

It’s when we start trusting in the process that we are able to let down the defenses and open up to what is possible. From this place, the process of letting go can happen more naturally. And as we let go of the things we no longer need there is more space for nourishment and wisdom to flood in, opening us further. Which then leads to a deeper surrender…

At some point, the downward spiral comes to a holt, turned on its heels, and begin its ascending journey.

As it turns out, life was meant to be easy. We’ve just been given the wrong information for a long time – the message has been that life is hard – harden up and deal with it.

Cultivate a Toolbox

When we have a toolbox, we can approach our healing from different angles, depending on where we’re at in any one moment. It gives us flexibility and options, and it all contributes to a smoother and more graceful process.

And little by little, energy that was once tied up in holding on is released, and we’re taken to a new level that brings with it a willingness and more ease to take the next step. And the beauty of it is that it’s all coming from the wisdom within YOU.

Thanks for being here.