It’s easy to get caught up in the fear and drama of our health and the potential issues that can arise. Through various sources we are constantly fed stories and ideas about how “this can lead to that”, and “that can lead to this…”. It’s a cause of much anxiety, and when some ailment does arise there’s a tendency to either blame ourselves (subtly or otherwise) for not taking better care of ourselves, or blame someone else or the world at large (again, this might be so subtle as to not even notice it…the most harmful kind).

Some choose to put their fate in the hands of the medical professionals; others take matters into their own hands and get researching for a treatment approach. The former has the potential of giving your power away; the latter could lead you on a wild goose chase, possibly without any real success – information varies widely and it’s tricky business determining who to listen to.

Old Cultures

This is what we are facing in our modern societies. Ancient cultures are still connected to their healing wisdom and are not racked with such confusion that comes with the plethora of conflicting information. In essence they live a simple life. And it’s this simplicity that we want to reclaim.

Switch the focus

Rather than focusing on our health and what might go wrong (or even what has gone wrong), focus on how you can live in a more supportive environment, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Make changes to your day. Yes, we’re talking here about lifestyle change, but don’t let that scare you away. It doesn’t need to be hard!

It’s about making small changes, gradually. This is really about creating a better day, not about taking something from you that you love.

We are essentially creating a day (over time) that naturally lends itself to healing…creating a healing day that will lead you to greater health and more fulfillment.

Infuse your day with support

We do this by infusing our day with healing and health promoting practices – it’s that simple!

Is sitting for hours on end on the couch a health promoting practice? Generally speaking, no. However if you’re unwell or exhausted then it could be. What about eating a bag of lollies in one sitting? No, not health promoting, but you could have a few to satisfy your sweet tooth. Make moment-to-moment choices based on discrimination and non-attachment. What is good for me right now? How can I satisfy my craving without throwing myself too far out of balance?

And what about indulging in those negative thoughts about your partner, or enjoying a good old fashion gossip with your friend? Well that’s just a straight up no. Our physical health very much depends on our attitude to life, so start spreading love and joy and set good strong boundaries around negative, harmful thoughts and attitudes.

Placing supportive practices high on the priority list reduces the likeliness of getting bogged down by heavy thoughts and victimhood.

Health promoting practices

Some of these practices might be to pay attention to underlying beliefs and re-evaluating them; understanding the power of gratitude and partaking in it regularly; feel bodily sensations and allow all emotions to arise – feeling is healing; bring in hefty doses of self-compassion along the way and acknowledge that breaking old habits is not easy work!; understand your elemental nature and get to know the nature of your foods; draw on the breath; move your body in a way that feel good; find time to simply be still.

Turn every day life into a practice of healing. Acknowledge your hurts, begin to feel, allow pieces of your old self and any bad habits to drop away, and nurture the new supportive ones as they begin to take up their place in your day, somewhat effortlessly.

This is the power of practice.

There’s no destination…it’s all about the journey, of reinventing your day so that it nurtures the greatest version of you.